YOURSAY | ‘It is just a matter of time - Najib is going to ban the Internet.’

Just sue us, Sarawak Report tells Najib

Aries46: Hypothetically speaking how would an alleged thief caught with the loot react? He will deny and deny, blame others and concoct lame tales that does not stand up to scrutiny.

Sarawak Report knows that PM Najib Razak will not sue. How to sue when he even dares not face the likes of sacked Langkawi Umno leader Anina Saadudin and former PM Dr Mahathir Mahathir who openly called him to account?

If not even in our infamous courts, how is he expected to take on Sarawak Report or the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in an independent court elsewhere? And the worst part of the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion debacles is Najib's complete failure to refute any of the foreign media exposes.

That aside, none of the culprits have thus far accounted for the billions gone astray one way or another. For instance, Najib admits receipt of RM42 million in his personal account but feigns ignorance that it came from SRC subsidiaries.

Neither does he account for this huge sum belonging to the taxpayers. This conduct of our PM strikes at the root of his credibility that has led to decline of the nation's economy and wracked the people's livelihood.

Clearwater: Indeed, if Sarawak Report is slandering dear beloved PM, he should relish suing that pesky website personally. Why use government resources to block its publication?

Sarawak Report speaks the facts plainly for all to see, or to sue, but a chicken PM dare not let his guilt be aired in independent court.

Swipenter: Najib would sue Sarawak Report when the time is "convenient" just as in WSJ case as advised by his lawyers.

So far, he has not even find enough courage to take Mahathir to court for saying far worse things in public but not Malaysiakini, former MCA leader Ling Liong Sik, etc, for obvious reasons.

Even then he wanted a settlement out of court for a certain case. Perhaps he is allergic to going to court to personally to give evidence and to answer questions.

Odin Tajué: Over the last one year, Sarawak Report has twice already issued a challenge to all those who have accused it of publishing defamatory reports to take it to court.

Not one of those people has done so. Which is understandable. Not one of them would be able to prove the portal of defamation — obviously because they all have indeed committed the chicanery and thievery as implied, claimed or charged.

This is its third challenge, and it is thrown at Najib. Najib will not pick up the gauntlet, either. Only one free of malfeasances and full of bravery would. He is more than full of the former and completely devoid of the latter.

Wg321: It is just a matter of time - Najib is going to ban the Internet. This is because he cannot get rid of an app called Sarawak Report in the Android smartphone or tablet.

Everybody who has a smartphone or tablet can go to Google Store and download Sarawak Report app and receive all the latest news from it. We are going to be worse than North Korea.

Ferdtan: Take up the challenge, Najib. Sarawak Report is daring you. Expect Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak to be deaf to such dare.

If Najib and his ‘machai’ minister said that the websites were slandering national leaders, particularly Najib, then sue them like the PM is presently suing inconsequential ‘third party whistleblower’ Ling for defamation.

Instead of facing the main accuser, Sarawak Report, directly in court, the minister is looking at ways to hit below the belt by reviewing the law to shut down these websites.
Obviously the government are afraid of the truth that will come out to the public if there are court hearings.

Saya Pun Nak Cari Makan: Najib, as PM of the country, you are the bearer of the country's flag, dignity and integrity.

When Sarawak Report challenged you the sue it for slander, the people of Malaysia expect you to take it up for the sake of the country. Otherwise, where is your place in international arena?

You are accused of squandering billions and as PM, how are you going to show your face in international arena? Not only would you be ashamed (I’m doubtful of that), but most Malaysians would.

Sarawak Report must be silenced once and for all. Otherwise, it would hound you wherever you go.

In proving your case against Sarawak Report, you are killing many birds with one stone: Tony Pua, Rafizi Ramli, Mohamad Sabu and millions of Malaysians would have the gabs sealed.

Kingfisher: Conventional wisdom about being blameworthy and being subjected to some form of poetic justice and retribution refers to an analogy where a big bully gets beaten in the streets and comes home and continues beating/bullying his "domestic" partner.

One wanders in this effrontery challenge by the Sarawak Report as to who is who. And whether it is the Malaysians at large who are facing the brunt of the punitive intent, if any.

MinahBulat: Of course, Najib’s lawyer is going to sue Sarawak Report, but first he will write a letter to Sarawak Report to find out if they really mean what was reported is what they meant.

If they had made a mistake, Najib is willing to forgive them. If Sarawak Report is not going to back down, Najib lawyer will tell Malaysians that he will sue soon, but no time limit has been set.

Basically: Please be reasonable, Najib can’t be expected to sue Sarawak Report in United Kingdom because he is not famous there.

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