Incarcerated opposition stalwart Anwar Ibrahim has accused his one time ally turned rival Ahmad Zahid Hamidi of "abusing" (dera) his family.

The PKR supremo said he has no qualms if the authorities subjected him to be abuse.

"Abuse Anwar. I understand. I have no problems with that. But don’t abuse my family. They find it difficult to even meet me... Let them meet me.

"I am asking Zahid to consider..." he told reporters outside the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

Anwar complained his son, who is leaving for New York, has also been restricted from meeting him.

"They have already restricted my lawyers with regard to meeting me when there are a lot of cases (to discuss).

"Now they even restricted my son," he added.

Zahid, who is deputy prime minister, is also the home minister and the prisons department falls under his jurisdiction.

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