The ugly BN mantra of race card is rearing its head all over again as netizens argue whether Malays came in equal numbers or Chinese outnumbered Malays to the Bersih 4 rally.
For me, I see no Chinese; I see, too, no Malays; and I see no Indians or any other races for that matter.
I am overwhelmed and inspired with hope for Malaysia to see ‘kiri kanan, depan dan belakang’ and as far as my human eyes can take me, a sea of Malaysians coming together by the tens and hundreds of thousands for the love of their country, citizens and rulers.
And that is how we need to be united for this is history - a historic re-birth of a nation of people who have come not for self-interest or to bargain for agendas but to fight corruption at its root.
Here is a nation of people who left the comforts of home to face the broiling heat and stand together in peace to champion a clean and democratic future for their children and children’s children.
Here is a nation of people who slept on the hard tarmac to help put back the nation on the right track for a progressive and clean governance.
It is not about how many did not come. It is not about the numbers that came. It is definitely not about who came and what race filled the streets.
It is all about Malaysians for Malaysia. And let that be our clarion message and ultimate belief. Let that be the truth. Let that be our identity. Bersih #4 is an all-Malaysian today’s hope made reality tomorrow.

Source from: www.malaysiakini.com

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