TehTarik: Indeed, this is a shocking statement from former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He should be hauled up by the police and charged under Section 124B for actions detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

This man is a hypocrite. During his 22-year reign, there was zero tolerance for street protests. And yet today, he is instigating the rakyat to overthrow the prime minister.

Aries46: It is true that street demonstration is a double-edged sword. A desperate Najib fighting for his survival will unleash the full force of his riot squad on the innocent demonstrators, and with the attorney-general and judiciary under his clutches, he will not hesitate to destroy anything he sees as a threat to his hold on power.

As we have seen in the past Bersih demos, people have been chased and truncheoned into submission and even lawyers who went to plead for them were dumped in the cell.

As Mahathir said, we are not a violent people and we should not make the mistake of befalling the cruelty of despots.

Yes, Mahathir has his faults and he is the one that anointed the dictator but without him today there is no way Malaysians can ever dream of ridding the man who has brought so much anguish to the majority of Malaysian families struggling for a roof over their head and to put three square meals on the table.

Mushiro: We have come to a stage where we have tried all options to bring down PM Najib Razak and have to now choose the last resort which is street demonstration.

The police have even arrested investigators before these investigators could produce their findings. Are these not signs to opt for peaceful street protest?

Clever Voter: Najib inherited and took advantage of a patronage system that thrives on personal favours and loyalty. Evidently it has no room for impartiality and its corrupt agents and establishments are everywhere.

The middle class is not hungry for change as they become dependent on these agencies.

Ultimately it’s the people who have to decide through ballot box whether they wish to continue with such patronage system that favours a few and punishes the majority.

Tok Karut: Mahathir, see you at Bersih 4. Please bring along a bottle of water in case you get pepper/chemical sprayed.

Don't be at the head of the march as you would be clobbered by police and taken to the black maria or an unmarked van.

Obey the demo marshal's advice. Wear yellow. The trains won't run so your driver may have to drop you off. Hidup rakyat!

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