Motorists in Johor were this morning greeted with banners deriding Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak amid controverisal deposits of RM2.6 billion into his personal bank accounts.

One banner spotted on a pedestrian bridge along Skudai Highway heading towards Johor Bahru read in red: 'Najib: King of Donation'.

The banner appear to mock explanations that the massive deposits into Najib's personal bank accounts were political donations and not from state funds.

A similar banner appeared on a pedestrian bridge in Taman Aman, Senai which read: "Johor tolak Najib" (Johor rejects Najib).

This is amid concerns that an Umno revolt is brewing in Johor after Najib removed Muhyiddin Yassin as deputy prime minister for criticising his handling of the 1MDB affair.

Muhyiddin (photo)  had also admitted to confronting Najib about the RM2.6 billion before being removed from office together with now ex-minister Shafie Apdal who was similarly critical of the prime minister.

Photographs of the banners have already gone viral on social media.

Another banner which read 'Tangkap Najib' (Arrest Najib) was also spotted at a bus stop, the photograph of which has been making rounds on WhatsApp.

The image showed people waiting at a bus stop with the 'Tangkap Najib' bunting as a backdrop.

Social media abuzz

It is unclear where exactly this particular banner was located but it is believed to also be in Johor.

It is not known who had put up the banners which popped up early this morning.

Pahang-based Semambu state assemblyperson Lee Chean Chung circulated photographs of the banner on Twitter, stating: "Johor has rejected Najib, when will Malaysia?".

Another Twitter user who uses the handler @AlyaRzk found the banners amusing.

"Najib 'King of Donation - eho went through such effort to put up the banner? It really entertained me but I forgot to snap a picture," she said.

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