Are you not sure of your rights to assemble, to gather peacefully or to protest?

If you are not sure of your rights, here's a dummies guide:

1. Your right to peacefully assemble is enshrined under Article 10(2)(b) of the Federal Constitution.
2. The 10 days notice under Section 9(1) is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Meaning, there is NO NEED to furnish a 10-days notice. This was declared by the Court of Appeal in April 2014.
3. Again, this decision was upheld in May 2015. The AG's Chambers appealed this decision, but it was REJECTED. This means, the 10 days notice is CONFIRMED unconstituional.

So the next time someone arrests you up for an 'illegal assembly', be sure to state this in their face.

Ps: When Malaysians know their rights, the police will have a tougher time bullying you.

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