Many Bersih 4 participants, including Buddhists and even Muslims, had no hesitation in taking up the Catholic church's offer of rest and refuge, with some 200 spending the night at the St John's Cathedral, in Jalan Bukit Nanas.
They included the young and the old, Christians and non-Christians alike who were relieved to have a shower and space to put their sleeping bags and mats to lie down.
Among them was a company of three young boys in their teens, who looked energetic late last night after having their shower in the church grounds.
They then walked around the church compound looking for a suitable place to set up their sleeping bags.
St John's also set up 40 mobile toilets on its grounds for rally goers to use.
"We gave those who camped here all the food and water we had left.
"And it was a mixed crowd, the Buddhist, the Muslims and many more," said a church worker.
There were also rally participants who spent the night at St Anthony's Church in Jalan Pudu but none at the Church of Our Lady of Fatima in Brickfields, as it was too far away from Dataran Merdeka.
However, it had been one of the meeting points in Brickfields yesterday prior to the march to Dataran Merdeka.
Among those who slept over at the church were Koon Li Man and Kuah Peik Khee, who were “guided by the light to the church” – the lights at the KL Tower, that is.
Koon said that she was told by her newfound friend Kuah, whom she had just met at the rally yesterday, that there were toilets “up on that hill”.
"We were then drawn by the lights and the toilet and ended up here, and only after a while, I realised this was the church offering shelter which was reported about by news sites.
"This is my first time in a church," she said, laughing heartily.
Kuah and Koon were then assigned their sleeping spots at “parking bays” 149 and 150 and spent the night “gazing at the sky and moon”, after being fed a dinner of bread, water and oranges.

"It has been quite an experience, waking up to the church bells ringing and the lights at KL Tower coming on at the same time at 6am, it was quite magical.
"And then the prayers started in the church and they started singing and it was very peaceful," said Koon.
Kuah also described her first time in church as a peaceful experience and the best possible place to have put up the night given the convenience of being able to have a bath, eat and use the washrooms.
She added that there were also Muslims who slept over, adding that they slept in the “parking bays” across from her and appeared to be “a little shy”.
They left in the morning.
Meanwhile Koon and Kuah, both Buddhists, single and aged 30, have found friendship in each other and now understand the meaning of finding “shelter in the church”. – August 30, 2015.
Source from: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com

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