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Bersih slams 'poisoning' of protestors
1.30pm: Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah has condemned the distribution of contaminated drinks to rally goers that allegedly resulted in the food poisoning incident last night as an "insidious act" made in the guise of supporting the rally.
"These drinks have caused participants to have stomach pains, vomiting and diarrhea.
"This seems to be an act of sabotage and an attempt to poison our participants, who have since been given medical attention and taken to the hospital," she says in a statement today.
"We urge the police to investigate this as soon as possible and bring the culprits to justice. Police reports have been made," she adds.
According to a videoclip by the Bersih medical team coordinator Tan Gengta accompanying the statement, what appears to be new packets of soft drinks are shown to contain minute puncture holes.
Contaminants had allegedly been injected into the drinks through these punctures, claims the video.
Maria warns participants to be vigilant and refuse any free drinks distributed by those not authorised by the Bersih 4 organising committee.
"If they do, we advise them to check the top seam of the packet drinks for puncture holes, and if found, immediately report it to the security unit," she says.
12 arrested in Malacca for Bersih tee
1.20pm: Malacca - Bernama reports police have arrested 12 for wearing the Bersih 4 T-shirt in Malacca.
State police chief Chuah Ghee Lye said nine individuals were arrested while attending the rally in Dataran Pahlawan, Bandar Hilir, Malacca at 10.30pm last night.
Bernama adds three others have been arrested at roadblocks conducted by the police but details were not reported.
Bersih decries fake 'RM200 allowance' message
1pm:  Jalan Raja - Bersih announces that any messages being spread over WhatsApp asking the protesters to go to the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) to collect a RM200 allowance is false.
"If you want donations, go look for Najib. We don't give donations. We are here of our own free will," the announcer says.
1k march 'Najib' to Parliament
12.45pm: Jalan Tun Perak-Jalan Raja intersection - With renewed vigour after their lunch, a group of around 1,000 protesters march from Jalan Tun Perak towards Jalan Parlimen before turning around at the intersection here to head back the way they came.
At the head of the small parade, someone is carrying a mid-sized papier maché chicken on a stick, to symbolise Najib as his name is similar to the word 'chicken' in Mandarin.
The crowd cheers at the sight of the chicken and some join in to follow it.
Despite the Bersih organisers telling the protesters to stop using the vuvuzelas as they are very disrupting, many people are still trumpeting away as the parade marches on.
Rally security nabs troublemaker
12.45pm: Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman -Unit Ariff and PKR Youth have detained a youth whom they say was trying to create trouble.
"We caught him at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman trying to light fireworks.
"We managed to stop him in time, now we are bringing him to Dang Wangi to be handed over to the authorities," PKR's Simpang Pulai assemblyperson Tan Kar Hing says.

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