How to detect an illegal scheme?
Members of the public are advised to be careful and not fall prey to these schemes. Be alert and look out for the following common features of these illegal schemes:

• The approach by the operators may have been made by mail, telephone, Internet or in person, but the intention is always the same, that is, to take money from unsuspecting victim for goods or services that they have no intention to provide.

• Schemes which promise interest rates, returns or profits, which are much higher than the returns offered by licensed financial institutions for their deposits.

• The promises of high returns are aimed at attracting the members of the public to participate in the schemes and the investors may not be given copies of any documentation including agreements by the operators.

• There is also no assurance that the operators of such schemes can continue to pay the high returns.

• At the beginning of such schemes, the operators are able to use money received from subsequent depositors to pay high returns or to repay the principal amount to the earlier depositors.

• However, the operators could not invest the deposits in equally or more lucrative ventures or investments and therefore unable to sustain the high returns or repayment promised to their depositors.

Berdasarkan maklumat yang diterima oleh BNM melalui aduan dan siasatan , ini adalah syarikat-syarikat yang disenarai hitam , dan tidak dibenarkan atau diluluskan di bawah undang-undang dan peraturan-peraturan Bank Negara Malaysia.
Anda nak melabur? Anda curiga dengan pelaburan anda? Di bawah anda akan dapat melihat senarai penuh syarikat pelaburan yang tidak diiktiraf oleh Bank Negara Malaysia.

No Nama Syarikat Website Jenis Aktiviti Tarikh Blacklist
11globalcashUnlicensed activities13/07/2012
21Gold.com.myGold investment13/07/2012
3Ace Global Sales & ServicesUnlicensed activities02/05/2013
4Agarwood Venture (002273031-A)Unlicensed activities19/02/2014
5Al-Saliha Worlwide Sdn. Bhd. (628267-M)Unlicensed activities13/07/2012
6Amazing Yields Sdn Bhd (891529-V)Gold investment23/01/2013
7Amethyst Gold Creation Sdn Bhd (951063-K)Unlicensed activities12/11/2013
8APS Asia Plantation Sdn Bhd (984575-T)Unlicensed activities28/03/2013
9Aruna TravelUnlicensed activities25/09/2013
10AU Niaga Sdn Bhd (907806-W)Gold investment13/07/2012
11AU79 InternationalGold investment13/07/2012
12Axis Capital Corporation Ltdwww.axiscapitalcorp.comForex trading19/02/2014
13Build Rich Mining Group Bhd (1006586-T)Gold investment28/03/2013
14Build Rich Investment Group LtdGold investment19/02/2014
15Build Rich Group HoldingGold investment19/02/2014
16Build Rich Agrotech BerhadGold investment19/02/2014
17Build Rich EnterpriseGold investment19/02/2014
18Bumi Klasik Warisan EnterpriseUnlicensed activities13/07/2012
19Cash Deal Sdn Bhd (929192-K)www.bossventure.comUnlicensed activities19/02/2014
20CGF Fine Metal Sdn BhdGold investment27/09/2012
21CTK NetworkUnlicensed activities16/10/2012
22CybertrustFXForex trading22/07/2013
23Dana Haji JasmanUnlicensed activities13/07/2012
24Danatama Millennium Sdn Bhd (819082-U)Forex trading02/05/2013
25Darul Emas Perak Bhd (1053229-X)Gold investment19/02/2014
26Degold Empire Sdn Bhd (882335-M)Gold investment13/07/2012
27Dgreat NetworkUnlicensed Activities02/05/2013
28DNA Profile Sdn Bhd (245435-W)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
29Dream Success International Sdn Bhd (1002002-P)Unlicensed Activities25/09/2013
30Dynamic Wira Marketing Sdn Bhd – Skim Beras 1 Malaysia worldwide-netUnlicensed Activities23/01/2013
31Eagle Aeronautics (M) Sdn Bhd (796603-A)Unlicensed Activities27/09/2012
32East Cape Mining CorpGold Investment13/07/2012
33EcofuturefundForex Trading25/09/2013
34Empire Five Tradingwww.mikadofx.comForex Trading
35Energetic Gateway Sdn Bhd (511826-X) gGold Investment23/01/2013
36Epic Palms BhdUnlicensed Activities28/03/2013
37Extra Capital ProgrammeForex Trading13/07/2012
38EmGoldex www.emgoldex.comUnlicensed Activities13/07/2014
39E-Qirad Sdn Bhd (595699-D)Unlicensed Activities28/03/2013
40FA MarketsUnlicensed Activities02/05/2013
41FE Brands (M) Sdn Bhd (1000656-H)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
42Flexsy Enterprise & Barrilorne CorpGold Investment13/07/2012
43FNZ Capital LimitedForex Trading13/07/2012
44Futurebarrel.comUnlicensed Activities12/11/2013
45Future Trade Indojaya Sdn Bhd (1003327-P)ftindojaya.blogspot.comGold Investment27/09/2012
46Gain FX Capital Sdn BhdForex Trading13/07/2012
47Gan Patt ServicesUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
48GGF Golden House Sdn Bhd (803753-W)Gold Investment13/07/2012
49Global Creation TradingUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
50Global Peace Loving Familywww.globalpeacelf.comUnlicensed Activities27/09/2012
51Global Venture FinancingForex Trading13/07/2012
52Global Wave Gold Corporationwww.gwgfx.comForex Trading12/11/2013
53Gold Bullion World Sdn Bhd (1018604-A)Unlicensed Activities22/07/2013
54Gorgeous Chain Sdn Bhd (841928-P)Forex Trading13/07/2012
55Grand View Golden Success Sdn Bhd (638186-X) – Golden MaximumUnlicensed Activities22/07/2013
56Great Access Sdn Bhd (517965-X)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
57Green Buck Resources Sdn Bhd (851115-A)Forex Trading02/05/2013
58Greenmillion Agrosolution EnterpriseUnlicensed Activities27/09/2012
59Green Forest Global Sdn Bhd (987049-P)Gold Investment22/07/2013
60Harvest Reliance Consultancy Sdn Bhd (965589-W)Unlicensed Activities02/05/2013
61HEA TeguhUnlicensed Activities25/09/2013
62Hexa Commerce Sdn Bhd (645798-X)Forex Trading13/07/2012
63Holiday Express AsiaUnlicensed Activities25/09/2013
64Honest Group LtdUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
65Iconhill Holding Sdn Bhd (810775-P)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
66IGC DiamondGold Investment13/07/2012
67Infinity Star International Sdn Bhd (851864-T)Gold Investment25/09/2013
68Instaforex www.instaforex.myForex Trading13/07/2012
69Isothree Gold Sdn Bhd (906561-K)Gold Investment13/07/2012
70Jalatama Management Sdn Bhd (929594-W)www.jalatama.comUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
71Jazlaan EnterpriseUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
72JM Communications & Technology Sdn Bhd (702054-V)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
73JMI GlobalUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
74JTGoldGold Investment13/07/2012
75Dynasty Worldwide Sdn Bhd (800311-D)Unlicensed Activities25/09/2013
76Future Trade Indojaya Sdn Bhd (1003327-P)Gold Investment27/09/2012
77Kelab Kebajikan dan Sosial Tun Teja Malaysiawww.yds2u.comUnlicensed Activities02/05/2013
78Kelab Kebajikan Sosial Malaysia (VVIP88)Unlicensed Activities
79Kris Plus Enterprise (IP0238424-A)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
80Lestari2UUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
81Liberty Reservewww.libertyreserve.comForex Trading13/07/2012
82Life Time Holidays Sdn Bhd (727129-U)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
83LocalAdClickUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
84LS Gold Bullion Sdn Bhd (235435-H)Gold Investment28/03/2013
85Mari Wholesale (M) Sdn Bhd (556117-T)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
86Maxim Capital Ltdwww.maximtrader.comForex Trading25/09/2013
87Maza Network Sdn Bhd (1006389-H)Unlicensed Activities12/11/2013
88Meccafund Family MalaysiaUnlicensed Activities
89McRen Oceanus Sdn Bhd (908484-X)Unlicensed Activities22/07/2013
90Mega Dynasty Sdn Bhd (931589-V)Gold Investment13/07/2012
91Megaherbs Bioextreme (001946380-K)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
92Nexgain Malaysia Sdn Bhd (773854-D)Forex Trading28/03/2013
93OLTA Capital Management Inc.Forex Trading13/07/2012
94www.clubautocash.comUnlicensed Activities
95www.1autocah.comUnlicensed Activities
96Pancar Mayang Sdn Bhd (527196-H)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
97Pars Pay Sdn Bhd (813378-V)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
98Pegasus Bullionwww.pegasusbullion.comGold Investment
99Perubatan Islam Seiring Syariat Al-IkhlasGold Investment22/07/2013
100Power Trade Asia Sdn Bhd (933528-T)www.kuasaforex.com.myForex Trading12/11/2013
101PPC StormUnlicensed Activities
102Preferred Credentials Sdn BhdGold Investment23/01/2013
103Premier Ventures GoldGold Investment28/03/2013
104Prestige Dairy Farm (M) Berhad (832757-A)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
105Profit Web Sdn BhdForex Trading19/02/2014
106Program 10 BulanForex Trading
107Program I-RichUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
108Projek Duit 2012Forex Trading13/07/2012
109Provisio MultimediaForex Trading13/07/2012
110Public Golden House Sdn Bhd (806825-M)Gold Investment19/02/2014
111Real Biz PasifUnlicensed Activities12/11/2013
112Real Ingenious Sdn Bhd (926598-U)Forex Trading13/07/2012
113Retro Titan Sdn BhdForex Trading19/02/2014
114RGCX Trading Corpwww.rapidgcx.comForex Trading13/07/2012
115RMMUDAH.COMUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
116RN Corporate Services Sdn BhdForex Trading19/02/2014
117Rowther Technologies MSC Sdn Bhd (727979-T)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
118Royal Gold Sdn Bhd (1005830-X)Gold Investment27/09/2012
119Royale Team Groupsroyaleteaminfo.blogspot.comForex Trading02/05/2013
120RS Capital Holdings Bhd (819833-P)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
121Sera Land Mangement & Enterprise (JM0503206-P)Unlicensed Activities23/01/2013
122SGFM Trading Sdn Bhd (936419-V) gGold Investment27/09/2012
123Slimberry Extreme TeamUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
124122 SpeedlineForex Trading13/07/2012
125123 Srgold Exchange Bhd (1033164-V)Unlicensed Activities12/11/2013
126124 Sri Perkasa Emas Trading gGold Investment13/07/2012
127125 Steady Dynasty Sdn Bhd (782270-H)Unlicensed Activities22/07/2013
128Steady Global Network Sdn BhdUnlicensed Activities22/07/2013
129Suliz Pearl MinesUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
130Sweblink Global Network Sdn Bhd (209952-H)Unlicensed Activities22/07/2013
131Swiss Capital VentureGold Investment13/07/2012
132Syarikat GECS LtdForex Trading13/07/2012
133Syarikat Sri AlamUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
134Tabung Dana EhsanUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
135133 The Gold GuaranteeGold Investment29/11/2012
136Titan Group Sdn. Bhd (823732-U)Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
137TukarGold.netGold Investment13/07/2012
138Ultimate Power ProfitsUnlicensed Activities16/10/2012
139United American Traders CouncilForex Trading12/11/2013
140Urustabil Sdn Bhd (545426-X)Unlicensed Activities27/09/2012
141VC Gold Sdn Bhd (722295-T)Gold Investment13/07/2012
142Virgin Gold Mining CorporationGold Investment13/07/2012
143Westrank Equity Sdn Bhd (1046449-A)Gold Investment25/09/2013
144World Dirham Berhad (970807-X)Unlicensed Activities22/07/2013
145WSL Merchants Pte LtdUnlicensed Activities16/10/2012
146XOC7Unlicensed Activities13/07/2012
147YDS Corporate Line Sdn Bhd (877697-P)www.yds2u.comUnlicensed Activities02/05/2013
148YDS Holding Groups Bhd (987797-T)www.yds2u.comUnlicensed Activities02/05/2013
149Zeta Capital ManagementUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
150Zness.comForex Trading25/09/2013
151One AutoCashUnlicensed Activities13/07/2012
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