Imagine this: you, together with your friends, drive about 20 supercars to a shop in a city. You ask a girl out, and propose to her with flowers. Or maybe just to get her to be your girlfriend. It doesn’t matter because I’m sure no one cares about the purpose, but about the cars and the response of the lady.

And guess what? The girl rejects. Here’s what the girl says in Mandarin: “We’ve known each other for so long, so when you suddenly said something like this… What do you want?” A pause. “I can’t really. I can’t. Stand up first. Stand up first. I want you to—I beg you, stand up, please! There’re so many people—so many people looking! I really can’t.”
This happened in Shenzhen, China, and is captured by someone who is surprised at the motorcade of supercars in a busy city. You’ll be able to hear his surprise as he said, “Wah, this motorcade…wah, this motorcade! What is this?”

To be honest, we’re not certain whether it could really be a proposal—maybe it’s just a request to be a girlfriend, an apology or something else. But it sure sends a strong message to everyone: that money can’t buy anything.
And here’s the video that you’ve been waiting for:

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