Welcome to KLCC & Avenue K 2015

Since the roads were mostly free from traffic,me & Pete decided to drive down to KLCC & Avenue K to do some shopping for our newly renovated home.

We were shocked to see how KLCC was taken over by a sea full of foreigners. No offense, but i felt like an alien in my own home ground. The hygiene level was alarming. They were throwing rubbish & spitting everywhere, even in front of the cops. And what did the cops do ? Nothing.
Some of the officers were busy with their phones. 

And how is that DBKL is okay with all the stalls and vans doing their business & blocking traffic?
I know sinar kota is already taken over by foreigners & now i guess it's KLCC turn for a takeover.

Thanks to Jib & his administration, soon we would all be minorities.

Let them know what we think 

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