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Latest developments:
  • Ex-M'sian PM Mahathir adds CIA to his suspect list
  • Families say MAS pulled the lifeline 
  • Australia's first book on MH370 says it was shot down into South China Sea
  • China to send pandas to Malaysia this week
  • Movie on MH370 being sold in Cannes 

To recap, the search for MH370 has entered a hiatus as investigators are pressed to relook at the satellite data which points to its final resting place in the Indian Ocean before diving deeper and wider for an even more expensive search operation.

Meanwhile, the rumours and theories capture the media's imagination about what actually happened as no debris, no proof found after over 10 weeks of searching.

Follow us as we bring the latest updates and coverage for the search of Flight MH370:

Dr Mahathir adds CIA to his suspect list

Casting doubt that MH370 landed in the sea, Malaysia's ex-premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad today adds US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a possible suspect. 

He writes that with the help of Boeing technology, US or "certain parties" could have hijacked the plane via remote control.

Citing a 2006 article on flightglobal.com by John Croft, Mahathir (right) notes that CIA could activate an "uninterruptable" autopilot if terrorists attempted to take a Boeing plane by force.

"It is a waste of time and money to look for debris or oil slick or to listen for "pings" from the black box. This is most likely not an ordinary crash after fuel was exhausted. The plane is somewhere, maybe without MAS markings.

"Someone is hiding something. It is not fair that MAS and Malaysia should take the blame."

He then alleges that the media "will not print anything that involves Boeing or CIA."

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