Latest developments:
  • Authorities play cockpit audio recording for next-of-kin
  • Searcher dismiss Bay of Bengal claim, satisfied with satellite data
  • Bluefin to continue probe, to commence 17th mission

Follow us as we bring the latest updates and coverage for the search of Flight MH370:

Families finally hear cockpit recording

11am: Meanwhile, in Beijing, the UK's Independent reports that the cockpit audio recording was finally played for the passengers' families, who have been pushing for it for over 50 days.

This was during the first of what is believed to be a series of technical briefings to be held for the irate families, who have demanded more transparency.

JACC 'satisfied' plane in south Indian Ocean

10.12am: Australia's Joint Action Coordination Centre (JACC) disputes claims by Australian firm GeoResonance that it found materials consistent with a Boeing 777 in the Bay of Bengal, 5,000kilometres from the search area.

"The Australian-led search is relying on information from satellite and other data to determine the missing aircraft's location," the JACC is quoted by CNN as saying.

"The location specified by the GeoResonance report is not within the search arc derived from this data.

"The joint international team is satisfied that the final resting place of the missing aircraft is in the southerly portion of the search arc."

CNN also reports that the exploration company GeoResonance, which had sent authorities report on its findings on Mar 31 and Apr 15 claims to have been ignored and went public due to a "moral obligation".

However, GeoResonance said Malaysian officials who contacted it yesterday appeared "very interested" and "very excited" over the find.

GeoResonance specialises in analysing superweak electromagnetic fields using technology find nuclear, biological and other weaponry under the ocean.

Malaysia has consulted the international technical team based in Kuala Lumpur on the matter and is seeking further expert opinions to verify the information.

Source from: Malaysiakini 

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