Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor defends his party Youth members’ rowdy demonstration outside the DAP national headquarters two days ago.

The FT Umno chief who is also a minister, justified the actions of the red-shirted protesters who had thrown “hell notes” and yelled for DAP leaders to “die” as a freedom of speech, news portal Berita Daily reported this week.

“Umno gives freedom to its youth to voice up. This is the problem in politics, especially when there are parties like (the) DAP that favours using sentiments such as religion and race.

“As Federal Territories Umno liaison chief. I agree with their [the protesters] action to show the dissatisfaction of the majority Malays who disagreed with what Nga did,” he was quoted saying.

“We cannot turn a race or religion topsy turvy. Umno is based on Islam, so your faith to you, my faith to me.”

Tengku Adnan also demanded an apology from DAP lawmaker Nga Kor Ming, whom the group was protesting against, and asked all parties to stop using the term “dedak”, a euphemism for chicken feed which is used derogatorily to describe corrupt cash handouts.

“Don’t use the word dedak. If I go for Chinese New Year celebrations, the ang pow that they give is the same as dedak also,” he said.

Last Tuesday, some 150 Umno members and supporters gathered outside the DAP national headquarters on Jalan Yew in the city to protest against Nga whom they accused of insulting Muslims through two alleged Facebook posts ― one featuring a caricature on the Muslim practise of giving out cash during the Hari Raya celebration in the form of “duit raya” and “dedak”, and another on a Hari Raya greeting with a picture of the United States flag and the saying “In God We Trust”.

Anti-riot police were called in and formed a human barricade to prevent the demonstrators from storming into the DAP’s offices to submit their memorandum of protest.

The gathering turned ugly, with the protesters attempting to ram the police barricade at one point.

Nga has since been called up by the police for questioning and is to record his statement over the Facebook posting next Monday.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar was also reported to have said that Nga would be probed under the Sedition Act for the July 5 Facebook post.

Source –Malay Mail Online-

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