Protest against a foreign artiste’s concert is not about the singer’s sexiness nor is it about staging it during Syawal, but that it promotes hedonism, says controversial preacher Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

In his weekly Sinar Harian column, he took a swipe at some of the arguments surrounding the concert, and in particular targeted the defending of the singer’s sexiness by an “ultra kiasu Malay leader”.

Tee did not mention names, but it is believed he was referring to US pop star Selena Gomez, whose concert to be staged in Shah Alam tonight, has become the subject of much controversy.

On the defence of the concert by some leaders, Tee said if these leaders wanted the support of the “ultra kiasu”, they should just be quiet and not try to mislead the people, though he did not name any of the leaders he was referring to.

Last week, Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali, in commenting on PAS Youth’s opposition to Gomez’s concert, said that the focus should not be on the singer’s clothes and that sexiness is God’s creation.

As for the arguments against the concert due to it taking place during Syawal, Tee said this gave the impression that in Islam, there were times to be good and times to be bad, and if this was the case, Islam would be in ruins.

He said he was not against entertainment, but entertainment which went overboard, bordering on hedonism.

Tee warned that hedonism could lead to other issues, such as driving people to becoming shopaholics, as they would think that money can buy happiness and fulfill desires.

He also said hedonism could lead to narcissism, as people would go all out for their own desires, while there were others who were more in need.

“Thirdly, hedonism can make a person forget feeling embarrassed,” he said, attributing this to the free mingling between the sexes, fans screaming uncontrollably and cheering without feeling shy.

“Have we forgotten the K-Pop incident last year when a fan went on stage to hug a Korean artiste?”

In January last year, Muslims had criticised a young headscarf-wearing female fan of Korean pop group, B1A4, on social media as well as via letters to Bahasa Malaysia dailies, after she was hugged by one of the group’s members on stage during a concert.

Tee also claimed that after every concert in the city, council workers and cleaners would find used condoms which had been discarded after the concert.

Source -FMT-

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