Cop calling for "Ganesh" when he meant Ganeson, but T Ganapati who also goes by the name Ganesh, responds and is signed out of the Johor lockup.

Policeman at the Kulai lockup in Johor are now in hot soup after having learnt that they released the wrong detainee due to a mix up in their similar sounding names.
Sources from The Malay Mail reported that, a policeman on duty at the time called for a Ganesh but accidentally released T Ganapati, 41, instead since the latter responded to the name when he heard it. It was learnt later that Ganapati was also known as Ganesh.
The incident occurred on April 27 and the detainee that should have been released was one Ganeson, who was in the cell next to Ganapati.

Police only realised the mistake when a narcotics officer, assigned to take Ganapati to the magistrate’s court in Kulai, informed them that the detainee was not in his cell.
“The officer who was assigned to bring Ganapati to the court to extend his remand order realised the suspect was no longer in the lockup,” a police source said about the detainee who was nabbed April 21 and remanded until April 28.
Ganapati was picked-up for possessing 45.15g of heroin and 1.45g of syabu.
The news portal also reported the source as saying Ganapati, once released from the lockup had gone to see his sister, who gave him RM40 before he left for Senai, Johor.

Ganapati and 56 other detainees at the police station were guarded by two constables, two lance corporals and a corporal.
“The corporal was the warden in charge for the day. She will be investigated along with other policemen on duty that day,” the source said, adding that a probe was underway to ascertain if those on duty had followed standard operating procedures regarding the release of a detainee at the lockup.

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