Azmin refused entrance on eve of Sarawak Polling day.

S'WAK POLLS - Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali refused entrance to Kuching today. He was immediately sent on the flight back to Kuala Lumpur after Sarawak immigration authorities barred him from entering the state.
"The immigration officers decided to send me back on instructions of the state authority," Azmin told reporters in Kuala Lumpur via the phone speakers of PKR vice-president Dr Xavier Jayakumar.
He said he had received a notice of refusal from the Sarawak Immigration Department. He added, he has been directed to board the next flight back to Kuala Lumpur immediately.

“This is a blatant disregard of the Immigration Act where the spirit of the law is very clear; the authorities should not ban any political leaders from entering Sarawak, especially during this election period," Azmin said.
He also urged Sarawakians to support PKR candidates to "send a strong message to the state authority so this can be stopped".
Some 100 PKR supporters had turned up at the Kuching International Airport to welcome Azmin.
Xavier said it was a "sad" and "black" day for Malaysia.
"This is a sad day. The Chief Minister (Adenan Satem) has abused his position by barring politicians. To do this to a chief of a state in Malaysia speaks volumes on the state of affairs in BN. We feel a great wrong has been done."

"We hope that this matter would be brought up in the next sitting of Parliament by our elected parliamentarians to set things right.
“This is legally and morally wrong, especially during an election period. Today is a black day for Malaysia," said Xavier.
DAP candidate for Batu Lintang, See Chee How, however said state PKR supported the immigration autonomy of Sarawak.
"But this is a clear abuse (of power). There are clear provisions on what the exemptions are. This is a menteri besar coming in for legitimate political activities. There is no way the menteri besar is doing anything wrong. We are definitely disappointed."

Azmin had previously entered Sarawak on April 29, and left on May 1, a day before his visa expired.
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's stay in Sarawak was restricted to seven days and was made to leave yesterday.
Sarawak goes to polls on 7 May.

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