The Padang Rengas MP reminds Sarawakian Chinese to vote wisely as they have more rights than Bumiputeras in Peninsula Malaysia.
KUCHING: Umno Supreme Council member Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz has reminded Sarawakians that the Opposition parties are based in West Malaysia, and decisions will be made by their leaders in the peninsula.
“But if you vote for BN, you know Adenan Satem is the head of BN here and he is a Sarawakian,” he said.
Speaking to reporters during a walkabout in Kampung Krongkong, he also said that Sarawakian Chinese even had more rights than Bumiputeras in Peninsular Malaysia.
“To the Chinese in Sarawak, don’t be stupid. I’m a Bumiputera but the Chinese in Sarawak have even more rights than me.”

He explained that local Sarawakians could enter the state without hassle as compared to Peninsular Malaysians.
“I’m a Bumi from Semenanjung and even as a minister, I have to give my IC.
“Because this is something we have agreed upon many years ago when we formed Malaysia,” he said, refering to the Malaysia Agreement 1963.
“I cannot buy land here because I’m from the peninsula. So they (Sarawakian Chinese) have, in a way, more Bumi rights than me in Sarawak.
“So why should they vote for the Opposition?” he questioned.

The Tourism and Culture Minister reminded the Opposition to stay out of Sarawak’s local affairs.
“Let Sarawakians decide what they want. We have to respect what our forefathers decided in the past.
“Sarawakians should vote for those who can make decisions in the best interest of Sarawak. Not in the best interest of any other state.”

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