EC chief stays mum on BN's 'promises of billions'

S'WAK POLLS - The Election Commission (EC) chairperson Mohd Hashim Abdullah refuses to comment on the allocations announced by the ruling BN government during the campaign period.
"I cannot comment on that," he says when asked if promises of billions in allocation funds for Sarawak by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak should state BN perform well went against election rules.

"During the campaign period, the commission's duties are to ensure the election process runs smoothly. We are now busy attending to the election itself, things like making sure ballot papers and umbrellas are accounted for," he tells reporters at the EC's makeshift headquarters in Padawan.
"For those contesting, they have their manifestos and so forth. Whatever they do, that is for those who are contesting. For the EC to get involved in the campaign, it would no longer be the EC."

"We urge voters to come out and vote regardless of who they support. They may consider what is promised by the politicians or they may not," he adds.

Sarawak goes to the polls on May 7.


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