Local and foreign sources have evidence of Hang Tuah’s existence, says Malaysian Institute of Historical and Patroitism Studies chairman.

MALACCA: There is no need to prove Hang Tuah’s existence through deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing, as the legendary Malay warrior’s existence has already been proven through various studies by local and foreign historians, about 60 years ago.
Malaysian Institute of Historical and Patriotism Studies (IKSEP) chairman Professor Dr Mohd Jamil Mukmin said Hang Tuah’s existence was also evident in local books such as ‘Sejarah Melayu’ and ‘Hikayat Hang Tuah’, as well as other documents from abroad.
“There were many world-famous heroes from the Greek empire, China and so forth in the past, but no DNA tests were done to confirm their existence,” he said at a special press conference here today.

On April 29, a newspaper reported that historian Prof Emeritus Dr Khoo Kay Kim had suggested that a DNA test be performed to prove Hang Tuah’s existence.
Mohd Jamil said among foreign sources that had evidence of Hang Tuah’s existence were the Ming Shi manuscripts (History of the Ming Dynasty) written by Xin Fei, Liang Liji and Kong Yan Zhi from China.
He said stories on Hang Tuah were also found in the personal notes of Alfonso De Albuquerque, the Portuguese admiral who conquered Malacca in 1511, in addition to latest findings by Prof Emeritus Dr Hashim Musa and Dr Rohaidah Kamaruddin in their book, “Hang Tuah: Catatan Okinawa” through research done in Okinawa, Japan.
“Documents recorded in the Rekidai Hoan stated at least 19 letters from the Ryukyu Kingdom (in modern-day Okinawa) to the Malacca Government.

“Also mentioned in the documents were 11 letters from the Malacca Government to the Ryukyu Government in the 15th century which mentioned Hang Tuah,” he added.
Through discussions, forums and seminars such as the “Hang Tuah Wira Alam Melayu” seminar, “Hang Tuah Memang Ujud”, it was also proven that Hang Tuah existed, Mohd Jamil said.

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