Sarawakians goes to polls after a long intense lobbying

Sarawak goes to the polls today in what is one of the most anticipated state elections since 1987, when the infamous Ming Court Affair dominated the politics of the day.

All 1,754 polling stations opened at 8am today for Sarawakians to vote in the 11th state assembly elections.

The polling centres consist of school halls or classrooms, longhouses and indoor stadiums.

Election Commission chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah said most of the polling centres will close at 5pm but some could close much earlier, even as early as 9am, depending on the location and number of voters.
A total of 227 candidates are contesting for 80 seats. Two seats were won uncontested by Barisan Nasional candidates on nomination day on April 25 – Bukit Kota and Bukit Sari where Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail and Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan were re-elected respectively.
The State Legislative Assembly was dissolved on April 11. Following a redelineation exercise the number of seats in the assembly was increased by 11, from 71 to 82.

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