Datuk Seri Najib Razak says the “people's power” to choose the government can only be applied during elections.

The prime minister said that during that time, the people had the right to judge or prosecute the leaders whom they liked or hated.

"Elections are the time when we leave it to the people to choose the government. Judge us, prosecute us as the government of the day whether it is good or not, the people can determine it.

"In between elections, we cannot do anything that contravenes our country's constitution and laws," he said.
Najib said this when officiating the Festival Rakyat@Pasir Salak in Litar Dato Sagor, Kampung Gajah last night.

Najib said it was not that the government of the day did not want to be judged by the people, because the government realised it was the people that determined everything.

However, he said the constitution stated that the people's power to do so was only once in five years.

"The people obtain power not because they wear clothes of the same colour, what more with their rude, insolent and extreme mentality in insulting the government and political party leaders that is regarded as a reflection of the people's feelings.

"We are not that kind of people such as that, we develop our country with values and decorum even though we differ in views, we do not humiliate anyone.

"My colleagues and I are willing to be judged during elections and if you do not like me to contest in Pekan (Pahang) for instance, I accept anyone who wants to contest in Pekan," he said.

The prime minister said it was only during elections that it was revealed whether the people were with the government or not.

He said within a five-year period, there would definitely be some good times or otherwise.

However he added that the people should not allow the government to be toppled through street demonstrations by setting aside the democratic process.

"We are a peaceful country that practises democracy, not practising the law of the jungle and can do whatever it pleases, causing the government to collapse," he said.

He said the government had plans to help the people but these were misinterpreted as though the government wanted to burden the people, such as the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST).

The prime minister added that changing the government through violence could invited far worse problems as experienced in several countries in the Middle East. – Bernama, September 5, 2015.


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