KUALA LUMPUR: Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad warned in his latest blog posting that Umno/Barisan Nasional (BN) will not win the next General Election, the 14th in 2018, if led by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.
Mahathir cautioned that Najib was misleading Umno members by urging them to support him in order to win GE14. “Umno members supporting Najib will ensure defeat in GE14 for Umno/BN.”

The fact of the matter, said Mahathir, is that Umno/BN used to win previous General Elections because of support from Malays who were not Umno members and support from Indians and Chinese.”

“Now, all these people no longer support Umno and BN.”

Delving into the figures, Mahathir pointed out that Malays in Umno generally don’t form more than 50 per cent of the registered voters in any constituency. “Umno never won because of support from members alone.”

In the GE14, all of them — Malays, Chinese and Indians — will reject BN because of Najib’s leadership, predicts Mahathir. “Umno will be destroyed because many party members themselves cannot accept Najib and his actions. Many of them will vote the Opposition or will not vote at all.”
On the other hand, if Najib was no longer the President of Umno and does not lead BN, there was a better likelihood that the ruling coalition will win. “People’s hatred would not be focused on Umno or BN alone if Najib was no longer around. Now, they do not accept Najib and their anger was towards him and some Umno leaders and others who want to curry favour for appointments.”

Umno members who love and wish the party well and want to see it retained and in power must reject Najib long before the election, advised Mahathir. “If this rejection comes too late, the time to rehabilitate Umno will not be sufficient.”

“If you love Umno reject Najib now. If you love Najib more, Umno will lose power and be shattered.”

The people have withdrawn their support for Najib, reiterated the former Prime Minister, because they hate him. “They believe that he had used money to buy the support of Umno leaders. This has been acknowledged openly by several Heads of Division and MPs. When the Opposition named Umno leaders who had been bribed, no disclaimer was made by anyone.”

Najib’s action in preventing investigations into the RM 2.6 billion money in his personal account proves that this money had been obtained illegally, added Mahathir. “If it had been obtained lawfully, he need not fear if the investigation continues.”

What is known is that Najib had a sum of RM2.6 billion in his account at AmBank Islamic, said Mahathir. “Now the money has been transferred to who knows where. When investigation was made by the government body entrusted, Najib dismantled the body.”

Indeed, the majority of the people reject and hate Najib as Prime Minister, said Mahathir. “They cannot accept Najib’s contention that the RM2.6 billion in his account was a donation from some Arabs.”

“Najib’s administration has caused the ringgit to fall until the price of everything has gone up, high inflation and stock prices falling. Many today have gone bankrupt. The burden has been made worse with GST that causes the price of goods and services to rise further.”

Those who have children studying outside the country are forced to add up to the Ringgit as it has deteriorated in value from 4 to 1 to about 7 Ringgit per Pound, pointed out Mahathir. “Development of the country was being neglected and a sum RM42 billion was borrowed, invested unwisely and billions of Ringgit are untraceable.”

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