Umno President and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak makes fiery speech on loyalty expose in the Sarawak Report

SEREMBAN: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, in a reference to the Sarawak Report, demanded that “white people” stay out of Malaysia’s affairs and stressed that he valued loyalty above all, and not smart people. “Everything has been blown up in the Sarawak Report.”

He was turning up the political temperature in a speech to Umno Seremban delegates in Paroi on Saturday. The delegates appeared to respond to his political vitriol. There were a few cries of “Hidup Melayu” (long live Malays).

During Mahathir’s 22 years there were problems too but not like now,” he lamented. “Everything is being exposed in the Sarawak Report as if foreigners are deciding how we should run the country.”
“What’s their right? Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot allow this to continue. I cannot allow the white people to determine our future.”

He was laying out the main theme of his speech, loyalty, in an apparent reference to sacked Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin who lost his place in the Cabinet on Tuesday.

He cited the Opposition as a case in point, especially Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters, and said that although they fought with each other, at the end of the day they were united because they knew that loyalty to the leader and unity was important.

Najib stressed that there were many people of high calibre that he could choose but what was important to him was loyalty above all, not so much smart people. “It’s difficult to find people who are loyal,” he complained. “By loyalty, I don’t mean blind loyalty.”

He explained that he could accept differences of opinion in his administration but at the end of the day, a ship can have only one captain. “Difference of opinion cannot be expressed in an open forum.”

“We can bang the table as long as don’t throw chairs at each other but all this must be done behind closed doors, not in public as it mars the image of the party.”

source from:http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com

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